Discipleship and Evangelism Retreat

God is helping young Native leaders bring hope to Native America. Last month, Native youth of the Southwest gathered to receive spiritual healing and encouragement. These gatherings encourage Native youth to make a commitment to Christ, to study the Bible deeper, and to get involved in ministry.

Because of the retreats, and the support Hope for Native America gives, Native youth are able to receive spiritual enrichment, healing, and encouragement through other Native believers. They are built up spiritually, receive at biblical training, they get a closer look at a life in service to Christ. This example is set for them by other Native young people.

At these retreats, the Native youth are able to build relationships with other fellow believers through deep teaching and the bonding that takes place. They are shown love and support, and are encouraged to pursue further study in the Bible through Bible school or seminary; and are encouraged to become involved in ministry.

Thank you for helping to bring hope to Native America by giving to these young Native leaders. Thank you for being Hope for Native America.