My Passion to Introduce Hope

By Anna
In Arizona

I've been happily married for twenty-two years. I never thought I would have three kids and a family that supports each other, that has a foundation in Jesus, and just loves each other.

There was a time in my life where I felt the same despair that so many of my people do. That's why too many Native young people are dying so young: hopelessness. Young people like my brother, Brian, who hung himself. I never expected that; that my younger brother would take his own life. I wish I could have been there and talked with him. I wish I could have been there to help him; just to even listen. I think that's what most kids need; is someone there to listen, to help them when they need it. I remember my uncle saying to me on that day, "There's hope. There's hope in Jesus and this is just a chapter. You have more potential than you think. There is hope."

If there is a Native kid struggling, one place I would send them to is this amazing, one-of-a-kind Native discipleship conference called "Warrior Leadership Summit." Attending this conference truly changed my life, it opened my eyes, and it made the relationship that I have with Jesus real and not just a church thing. When a young Native American kid comes to Warrior Leadership Summit for the first time, they feel loved.

"There's hope. There's hope in Jesus and this is just a chapter. You have more potential than you think. There is hope."

Like so many reservation families, mine lived below the poverty level. My parents did not have jobs; we sometimes did not have money to even have food on the table.

Most Native young people I know could not go to Warrior Leadership Summit unless somebody sends them. Hope for Native America helps provide a future for so many that are hurting by making attendance at WLS possible. My family members, my nieces and nephews, have been to this life-changing conference and they are living for Jesus now! I think they would not be here if it were not for WLS.

You can be Hope for Native America, just by choosing a way to get involved.

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