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Sponsor a Warrior


Sponsor a Warrior

Warrior Leadership Summit 2017

Thank you for your interest in Sponsoring a Warrior by sending a Native young person to Warrior Leadership Summit!

Over 100 tribes will be represented at WLS this year! Over the last 25 years, this event has introduced thousands of Native young people to Jesus.

Many Native Americans are taught that Jesus is a "white man's god," and have never heard about the love He has for them. When a Native American does begin a relationship with Him, they often find themselves feeling alone because they are the only one they know who loves Jesus. That's why attending this conference is such a life-changing experience! It changes everything when you realize you're not alone in following Jesus.

Sadly, due to poverty rates in many Native communities, many Native American young people can't afford to go to this conference. You can help by sponsoring a warrior when you cover their transportation and conference costs for 1 day, 3 days, or the full week. You can click on an option below to find out more.

When you donate to sponsor a warrior, you'll receive conference video updates by email, giving you an inside look at what God is doing through this conference. When you choose to sponsor a warrior, you not only give a Native young person the life-changing experience of worshipping Jesus with other Native young people, but you help show them that they aren't alone.

Thank you for being Hope for Native America!