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2019 On Eagles' Wings

Thank you for your interest in making a difference among young Native Americans this summer. 

Every year, Hope for Native America givers help enable a team of young Native American followers of Jesus called "On Eagles Wings." By sending a team member with OEW, you can bring hope to Native America. 

This highly trained and committed team travels to Native American communities across the U.S. and Canada, putting on events where they share the hope they've found in Jesus. The team partners with local leaders in these communities, equipping them with tools and training to ensure these spiritual moments become a movement.

Only 4% of Native Americans self-identify as having a relationship with Jesus. That is one reason it is so significant that God has touched the hearts of these young Native believers with passion to reach their people. There's something uniquely powerful about a young Native person telling their story to another young Native person. Proof of that is seen night after night in Native community after Native community as many publicly choose to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Unfortunately, high poverty in many Native families makes it difficult for these young Native believers to share the life-changing hope found in Jesus with their people. They can only go if they are sent; by someone like you. Someone that believes God is telling them to be Hope for Native America.

Something amazing happens on these On Eagles' Wings teams: God not only changes the hearts of Native people that hear from the OEW team, but He also does something awesome in the hearts of the team. They grow in their trust of God and in their confidence to share about Jesus. Through this team, God is establishing new leaders in this generation.

When you choose to send a team member with On Eagles' Wings, you help spread hope by making it possible for team members to share the hope of Jesus with thousands of Native Americans. Click an option below and send a team member by covering their costs for one day, one week, two weeks, or the entire four week cost of the trip. When you donate to send a team member this summer, you'll also receive a picture of who you're sending and OEW video updates by email.

Thank you for being Hope for Native America!