Give Books and Bibles

Put Hope in their Hands

This past summer hundreds of young Native Americans began their relationship with Jesus! You can help these new believers get off to a great start in their relationship with Jesus by helping provide vital spiritual resources.

Hope for Native America supplies free books, Bibles, and worship music CDs to young Native Americans during reservation outreach events and to local ministry leaders. These resources help new believers take their next steps with Jesus.

As hard as it is to imagine anyone in North America not having a Bible, in many Native communities the majority of young Native Americans do not have their own Bible or the money to buy devotional books and life-changing Christian resources.

That's where you can help! Every year Hope for Native America hosts a summer missions trip to reservations where hundreds of young Native Americans begin a relationship with Jesus.

These new believers are passionate about starting their new life of hope. But they need resources like these to do that. They need their own Bible. They need discipleship books and training materials.

Thank you for your partnership! Together, we can provide these resources and put Hope in their hands!